About Us

Our mission to optimize high Returns on Investment by providing excellent service and top quality management, in order to bring profitable results to investors and owners.

Rassotel Hospitality Management, has spent more than 10 years of honing the skills to manage the property in the most competitive hotel either owned or investor property and has gathered a group of senior leadership team spread the hotel management that is based on the specific needs of unique properties and characteristics. Our extensive experience in managing hospitality businesses ranging from small, medium and large.

Supported by the holding company that has experienced more than 30 years engaged in property, making us focus our work and relationships to the internal holding company and the investors who believe it to our business to provide technical assiatancy, planning and professional property management.

Company Overview

Rassotel Hospitality Management help and advice individuals and business on their hotels, condotels, meeting facilities and resorts investments, ensuring the delivery of optimum returns through development, operational efficiencies and identification of opportunities of business.

We are expert in condotel concept business, where company has successfully delivered a good return on investment (ROI), to satisfy all stakeholders who are the private individual owners of the condotels. Bringing this level of expertise, Rassotel has brought nothing but the best for the Group and will strive to continue to maintain its growth with all existing and future partners in the very near future.

Rassotel Hospitality Management are trademarks and corporate branding for properties managed under the auspices of PT. Rasuna Residence Development (PT.RRD). PT. RRD was founded in 2004 with the main objective of forming the company to deliver personalized and pragmatic consulting services in the areas of Hospitality Management

Our Expertise

To represent owner or developer in developing there Hospitality Project (Hotel Condotel MICE Facility) with a strong assistance to deliver an Hotel or Condotel concept including calculation cost of end product, Guaranteed ROI and maximum ROI calculations also as a base of the Scheme for all Condotel Agreements, and qualified expertise in:

  • Management Consultancy
  • Technical Assistance in Hospitality Projects
  • Hotel Management